You are currently viewing ACID BATH – “When the Kite String Pops” this day in 1994 the debut album of the iconic Sludge Metal band

ACID BATH – “When the Kite String Pops” this day in 1994 the debut album of the iconic Sludge Metal band

ACID BATH, originating from Louisiana, USA, belong to the core of the Sludge Metal genre. Sludge Metal comes from the mixture of Doom Metal with the intensity, hardness and screams of Hardcore Punk. The band sold 37000 copies of the album, which for a new band at that time, not Mainstream, was above average. ACID BATH consisted of members Sammy “Pierre” Duet(Guitar), Audie Pitre(Bass) former members of Dark Carnival, Dax Riggs(vocals), Mike Sanchez(Guitar) and Jimmy Kyle(Drums) from Golgotha. Although Golgotha was the first name of the band in the north they changed it when they found out that there was a band in Europe with the same name.
On their debut album, the album cover was met with a general outcry due to the depiction of a clown. This clown was the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy, the so-called Killer Clown, who in the Chicago area had raped, tortured and killed 33 young men and boys. The message “When the Kite Sting Pops” when you hold on to something you trust and suddenly you are cut off, abandoned, but to each one, it can mean something different.
This particular album apart from Sludge contains elements of Death, Thrash Metal, Stoner, Punk and Emo. It’s incredible how each member plays his own song with variations of different genres and it’s interesting how they all wrap together, and on vocals Dax Riggs goes from total calmness to “madness”. It’s a Genuine Masterpiece!

ACID BATH – “When the Kite String Pops”


1.The Blue06:13  
3.Cheap Vodka02:14  
4.Finger Paintings of the Insane06:04  
6.Scream of the Butterfly06:14 
7.Dr. Seuss Is Dead06:04 
8.Dope Fiend05:19 
9.Toubabo Koomi05:01  
10.God Machine05:00  
11.The Mortician’s Flame04:05  
12.What Color Is Death03:19 
13.The Bones of Baby Dolls06:00 
14.Cassie Eats Cockroaches04:24