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AmongRuins – Land Of The Black Sun Album Review

      Less than a month remains, specifically on July 14, 2023, for the release of the new Album “Land of the Black Sun” by the Athenian Melodic Death Metal band “AmongRuins”. I’m sure fans of “Amon Amarth”, “Wolfheart”, “Insomnium”, “Be’lakor”, “Before the Dawn” will appreciate it and if the single “Wells of War” and lyric video “tear me apart” you liked them, you’ll love the rest of the record, I’m sure, as will I!

     The record lasts about 38 minutes of non-stop melodic Death Metal with a subtle touch of Black influence, manifesting other genres in there, such as power which to my ears sounds exciting. From start to finish, this is a well-structured album both melodically and lyrically. Guitars, drums, bass, testify to an even flawless sound effect of a group of musicians, with intense “chemistry” and vocals, from a “Sverd” who, it is obvious that he has worked on them, is excellent.

    Listening from the very first opening, that of the melodic/symphonic introduction to the first track “tear me apart” foreshadows rightly, that something grand follows like opening a curtain, that of anticipation, of darkness, later of death in a frozen body, a mind “dissolved” in an earth that keeps turning, the soul to fight to stay “down”(End of my Fall) leaving for other “places”. The body does not respond, the soul “freezes”, it does not return (Shattered Times) and while the soul is in danger of being overwhelmed, the body hurts and the soul fights (wells of war) it loses its faith in it, but it sees a light, a hope and finally decides not to follow it, not to return to the body, to fall into the “Land” where darkness rises (Land of the black Sun).

    Apart from the two tracks we have already heard, one in the single “well of war” and the second in the Lyric video “Tear me Apart”, the first to tell the truth at some social event that I heard made a special sensation around, starting track 01.”Tear Me Apart” starting and listening to it takes your breath away with the melodiousness of the intro and the beginning of the drums and guitars that sets you up for good in the mood for what follows.

Track 02. End of my fall” the great guitar that sounds and gives an extra note of melody to the track is performed by Tuomas Shaukkonen of Wolfheart. Great addition I would say. Nice track!

I was particularly impressed by 3.”Shuttered Times” and the way they create the “marriage” of death with elements of power in music from “Thano” and Lyrics from “Sverd”. It causes me to Headbanging for some reason by thrusting…no big deal.. Maybe one of my favorites!

Track 04. “Our Destructive Tide” vocal recital and beautiful riffs tied together very nicely and maybe a bit progressive, awesome…!

Track 05. “Wells of War” of course, recommendations are not needed…

Track 06. “Suffer for Credence” and track 07. “Forever the Signs” awesome bass from “Sverd”, excellent drums followed by nice wild rhythmic riffs, nice sound and ends with an awesome solo. Track 08 “Land of the Black Sun” a quite melodic piece with two voices, alternating from calm to Brutal vocals. One voice by “Sverd” and the second by Giorgos Prokopiou of progressive Metal band “Mother of Millions” which is excellent and fits perfectly. In the track there are parts that excite you and parts that create mixed emotions, with a great melody and guitar, vocals, that captivates you, especially in the highs of Prokopios, with “Sverd” in the brutal background. The album was mixed and mastered by Saku Moilanen at Deep Noise Studios in Finland.

The awesome Art Work of the record was created by Nikos Stavridakis

A successful venture choosing the track “Wells of War” to start as a single as well as creating a lyrics Video with the incredible “Tear me Apart” also praising the awesome album cover, smart move. Another excellent collaboration by Theogonia Records with a group of talented musicians with incredible chemistry between them, which walks the right sound path of melodic death metal but with elements from other genres in it, so well structured and combined that you really enjoy listening to it.


George Pappas

“Land Of The Black Sun” Tracklist:

1. Tear Me Apart (05:41)
2. End Of My Fall (05:55)
3. Shattered Times (03:30)
4. Our Destructive Tide (03:48)
5. Wells Of War (04:41)
6. Suffer For Credence (03:41)
7. Forever The Signs (04:05)
8. Land Of The Black Sun (06:39)

AmongRuins Line-Up:
Sotiris “Sverd” – Vocals, Bass, Keys    
Thanos – Guitars    
Άλεξ Φλούρος – Guitars    
Νίκος Φριλίγκος– Drums

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