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AMONGRUINS – “Tear Me Apart” new lyric video

The Greek melodic death metallers, present the new lyric video “Tear Me Apart” track that will be on their album “Land of the Black Sun” which will be released on July 14, 2023 by Theogonia Records.

“Land of the Black Sun” tracklist:

1. Tear Me Apart 05:41
2. End of My Fall 05:55
3. Shattered Times 03:30
4. Our Destructive Tide 03:48
5. Wells of War 04:41
6. Suffer for Credence 03:41
7. Forever the Signs 04:05
8. Land of the Black Sun 06:39
total 38:00

AmongRuins lineup:

Nick Friligos Drums
Thanos Guitars
Alex Flouros Guitars
Sverd Bass, Vocals