You are currently viewing BLACK REUSS – album “Metamorphosis” – (September 6, 2022, reissued by Sliptrick Records)

BLACK REUSS – album “Metamorphosis” – (September 6, 2022, reissued by Sliptrick Records)

Black Reuss from Liechtenstein on their debut album Metamorphosis released by Sliptrick Records on CD engage in a relentless heavy/doom attack with gothic references.

Metamorphosis is the first part of a tetralogy and does its part perfectly in introducing the listener to the world of Black Reuss. Throughout the album, sadness gives way to melancholic landscapes in which, however, some light of hope is faintly visible.

The melancholic vocals alternate with louder parts. The beautiful choruses and almost 80’s heavy metal parts of the album always end up having a dark mood. All emotions are present, but in a balance that defines the aesthetics of Black Reuss.

Black Reuss seems to love the Load-Reload period of Metallica, Alice In Chains, Ghost, Type O Negative, some Chris Isaak elements and of course the fathers of the Black Sabbath sound. The rock passages make the album more enjoyable, while the gothic parts are absolutely effective. 

The production, although primitive, is exactly what this particular musical idiom needs to keep its character unchanged. The Metamorphosis material is very good. It is impressive that the format is a one man band and manages to build a wonderful musical world. 

Metamorphosis is an impressive debut and we urge you to definitely give it a listen! It will fully justify the expectations of heavy, rock, doom, melodic, modern and gothic metal fans.

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