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1) Hello Dark sky we d like to welcome you at .So, Dark Sky is a band formed in 1982, how did the name of the band came up?
– So that’s a legitimate question, because the name suggests heavier music 😉 In fact, there wasn’t a dark metal scene in the ’80s, and we thought the name was pretty cool back then, so we kept it without there being a specific story behind it.

2)Your first album was to be released in 1984. What was the reason for its delayed issue?
– As a jung school band, we received a lot of regional attention back then and, naive as we were, we signed the first record deal we were offered. The label sent us into the recording studio to record 8 songs, but when everything was finished and there was even advertising in the German Metal Hammer, the label went bankrupt and the recordings were never released.

3)How much the metal music scene has changed in these past 30 years?
– In the music scene, purchasing behavior has changed significantly due to the new media. Even in the live sector, rising touring costs have not made playing concerts any easier. But there are now ways to distribute music through online magazines and online marketing, which ultimately is sometimes very helpful for the bands. The music itself has of course changed over the years and has become more diverse as a result.

4) Signs Of The Time is Dark Sky’s seventh album, can you give us an insight of the album?
– It’s like a new beginning for the band. The DARK SKY line up is completely new, and the creation process was different than before. I pre-produced everything with my producer Markus Teske and other composers like Hannes Braun (KISSIN DYNAMITE) were also involved. This makes the album stylistically a little different but better than the previous albums.

5) We would like to hear more about the creative process of the album, about its production mix and mastering.
– We started writing songs right after the last tour with TREAT. As already mentioned, I worked on the new ideas with Markus Teske in his Bazement Studio. We also incorporated progressive influences from Markus and were inspired by symphonic and power metal music. The song “Forgiveness” comes mainly from Hannes and gives the album a different flavor. We also recorded an 80s cover version called “In The Heat Of The Night” and also recorded a song in Czech, “Stín Katedrál”. It was a real adventure trip 😉

6)In the songwriting process, was it difficult to combine elements from the past with the new ones?
– No, we were actually able to use older ideas. But so much was changed during the creation process that in the end everything sounds completely new.

7) An interesting fact about Dark Sky is that have a wide range of audiences from people in their sixties/fifties to those in their twenties, how does this happen?
– Well, I think melodic metal is compatible with people of all ages. Some people like the harder stuff, some like the softer songs. We serve a wide range of musical tastes in the area of melodic music.

8) Will there be a chance to see, in the future, a release like a single or a split Ep with another band?
– Do you mean with me as a singer or a joint project with other bands? So I was involved as a singer in the band TIMELESS RAGE until the end of 2022. We released a strong CD and played a few good concerts. But ultimately it is not possible for me to spend much time on other musical projects besides DARK SKY as long as we are as active as we are at the moment.

9) Is there any chance to see Dark Sky performing live in Greece?
– I’m pretty sure we’ll get it done next year. In any case, we would also like to get to know the Greek audience.

10) Is there something that would like to say at the Greek audience?
– Yes, of course we are happy about any positive response to our songs and our music videos on YouTube, but what we are most looking forward to is being able to present our show live to the people of Greece at some point.

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