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DISILLUSIVE PLAY “Songs for the Non-Existent” album review

Disillusive Play present a truly multidimensional album with “Songs For The Non-Existent”.

The album opens with the excellent and ideal opening track “Enough”, a composition that unfolds already in the first minutes of the album the range of Disillusive Play. With melodic lines that captivate and a combination of hard rock and modern metal elements, “Enough” sets the framework for the journey that follows.

What distinguishes this album is the perfect transition between different musical genres.Tracks like “Parallel Lives” and “Sisyphus” blend harmonious elements of progressive and power metal, offering epic choruses, melodic lines with keyboards and stormy, fast guitar phrases.The impressive vocal duet in “Parallel Lives”, featuring the singer of the awesome The Silent Wedding, is perhaps one of the most powerful moments of the album.

On the other hand, tracks like “The Dreamer” and “Queen of The Night” radiate an old-school vibrancy straight out of the best times of hard rock.These tracks incorporate a metal element into the hardrock sound, with “Queen of The Night” standing out for its mesmerizing, funk-influenced bass line and an uplifting chorus, specially made for live performances.

One of the special tracks of the album is “Love or Fear”. The fascinating yet creepy vocal performance on this track makes it one of the most beautiful and special songs on the album. “Love or Fear” combines blues and rock, with subtle influences from the ’80s blues/rock elements that add a nostalgic touch and a more romantic character.

Overall, “Songs For The Non-Existent” is an excellent album that demonstrates the exceptional musical virtuosity of Disillusive Play.A must-hear for those looking for a musical journey that exceeds expectations.It is a complex work, full of details and surprises, which does not lose interest after the first listen and it is certain that no one will stay in just one.


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