You are currently viewing Dutch black metallers Verwoed release new song “The Madman’s Dance” on web-portal!

Dutch black metallers Verwoed release new song “The Madman’s Dance” on web-portal!

Today, Dutch black metallers Verwoed premiere the new track “The Madman’s Dance” at heavily trafficked web-portal The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated second album, The Mother, set for international release on March 29th via Wolves of Hades and Argento Records. Hear Verwoed‘s “The Madman’s Dance” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

The journey of the Dutch enigmatic Verwoed has been one in continuous synergy with sonic exploration and innovation. This blazing entity returns with a much-anticipated fourth release and second full-length album, an awe-inspiring and utterly immersive experience in creative profundity by the title of The Mother

The past has already witnessed the virtuous way Verwoed contemplated and traveled through unfathomable aural stratospheres brimming with feeling, intensity, and a sense of visceral commitment. The Mother perceives the Utrecht project as taking a step further in the direction of the abyss, an epic of splendor and imposing nature, bursting with emotion in the form of striking riffs that offer an electrical pallet of eclectic, evocative, and utterly cathartic songwriting. 

Aided by a superbly captured production, the sonic quality of The Mother is drenched in dynamics with an organic power felt in the deepest depths of the dark night of the soul. Such character is overflown through a musical tapestry that is both complex and emotionally resonant, whether by the incredibly enticing and pulsing drumming performance, driven with and by a sense of variation and symbiosis, or the fervorous sensation purveyed by the electric traits aforementioned and the passionate and brutally ardent vocals, offering a visual representation of the poignant scope contained within each track.

To be released by Wolves of Hades and Argento Records on March 28th, The Mother invites the listener to a mesmerizing and innermost experience, a monument to introspective realms, a prayer of blood and fire conveyed with raw momentum.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track “The Madman’s Dance” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed “The Child” HERE at Wolves of Hades Bandcamp.

Cover artwork, courtesy of Joost Vervoort, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Verwoed’s The Mother

1. A Prayer of Blood and Fire [4:04]
2. The Mother [9:32]
3. Seven Trumpets [1:55]
4. The Child [6:55]
5. The Madman’s Dance [8:14]
6. A Choir of Null and Void [4:39]
7. Death in a Rosary [8:25]

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