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ELECTRO CHARGED – “Reign Of Deception” (February 16, 2024) album review

From Livadia town in Greece, Electro Charged take their first steps in scene, with their debut ” Reign of Deception. The album is to be released within the next few days and specifically on February 16 and with have no doubt of the reception thtatt will be particularly warm.
Under the auspices and guidance of Bob Katsionis, the  “Reign of Deception” is
an album that will surely make an impression. Electro Charged are coming determined to make their own mark on the domestic scene with their heavy/thrash sound.

Starting the musical adventure with “Servants and Kings” album Electro Charged
undertook to put us from the very first seconds in the mood of Disk. The influence of the thrash sound of the ’80s and ’90s is evident, with the band harmoniously unites the classic sound with a more modern concept and sense in their sound.

Obvious, yet subtle, Metallica influences are unmistakably present, particularly on the tracks “Circle of Life” and “Release the Hounds”, with Electro Charged managing to blend the sound of ’90s Metallica with their own . , an authentic musical vision.

And while the core of their sound is thrash influences, Electro Charged show flexibility by combining heavy metal elements as well, especially on tracks like “Lord of Sickness” and “Into The Pits of Hell”.

Along with the heavy metal, the epic element also arrives, adding more dynamism and intensity to the tracks, combined with the stormy thrash sound. A special presence on the disc is the track “Tears of a Cloud”, the dynamic and surprisingly explosive heavy metal ballad of the disc, which steals the show with its beautiful melodic introduction, but also with the modern heavy metal sound of it.

All in all, Electro Charged’s “Reign of Deception” is a commendable and very strong debut from a band that seems to have all the makings to earn a spot on the scene. The harmonious coexistence of thrash and heavy metal elements, together with their passionate character, makes this traffic as nostalgic as it is fresh and vibrant. The record is coming out very soon and I can only urge you to give it some time.

ELECTRO CHARGED - "Lord Of Sickness" [2024]

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