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Finnish Blackened Death Metallers Saasta Release New EP “Black | Death | Doom”

Saasta‘s second production, “Black | Death | Doom” EP containing four songs, is a continuation of the “Crucial to None” LP released in November 2022. The EP was recorded in its entirety at Saasta’s rehearsal space in Kotka, Finland. Mixing and mastering of the EP was carried out by Mr. Ben Jones from England. The visual art for the EP is produced by Pla.g.u.e.

Musically, the release is significantly faster and more violent than the previous long play. The sound world has also changed a lot; already in the pre-production phase, we wanted to pay attention to rawness and brightness. In today’s extreme metal, the midrange of the bass guitar is typically driven down almost completely, and the bass is only a filler instrument in the lower register. We wanted to avoid this and tried to raise the bass to an equal element with the guitar, succeeding nicely and naturally here as well. It was very easy to raise the bass alongside the guitar also thanks to Janne Hietanen‘s heavy-handed playing style.

Vocalist Leevi Kärsämä, who has played live shows with Saasta for the past year, also brings a new sound to Saasta’s music, allowing Jokipii to focus on playing the guitar. Choosing Kärsämä as a vocalist has turned out to be an extremely good decision.

Drummer Jimi Lahtinen‘s increased self-confidence and arranging skills can be heard on the EP. The drum tracks recorded “in one fell swoop” style made the work of the other members very easy.

In full “Black | Death | Doom” is a more mature and finished package than the previous release. Saasta believes that with the EP it has finally found it’s style, both musically and visually.

Listen to the EP:

Saasta LineUp:
Leevi Kärsämä – Vocals
Topias Jokipii – Guitar and backing vocals
Janne Hietanen – Bass
Jimi Lahtinen – Drums

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Mixing and Mastering – Ben Jones
Artwork for the single – Janne Hietanen
Artwork for the EP – Pla.g.u.e
Lead actor for “Sickness” – Otto Kuitunen
Videography – Meiju Mäkelä, Sampo Jokipii, Janne Hietanen
Video editing –  Janne Hietanen

Black | Death | Doom