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We have the pleasure and honor to host at the soul of Fortress Under Siege, the talented Fotis Sotiropoulos.

Hello Fotis, how are you? Welcome to Congratulations on the release of your masterful new Album “ENVY”, we wish you many successes from the bottom of our hearts.
FS: Thank you very much! Hello, my pleasure.

2) So we have the release of the new Album, how do you feel personally? Bring us the atmosphere through the band too, if you want.
FS: You always feel great joy, hope and anticipation with each new release.
It’s just that this particular album is particularly important to us, because we’ve worked and tried a lot over the last year and a half, to keep the band active, so that there’s basically no gap between “Atlantis” and “Envy”. This continuity that the band shows between its two last releases, in its live performances, is extremely important, which is obviously also a consequence of the excellent climate that exists between its members.

3) What does “ENVY” mean to you, what do you want to say with the record, the songs of this record?
FS: The record has a varied lyrical content. The title track is obviously about envy and how it defines us as an emotion, “Disobey” is a reminder to question authority, “Distant voices” is inspired by the movie “Blade Runners”, “Look at you” is myth of Medusa but with a different ending, dedicated to the timeless oppression of women, “Bring out your dead” to the plague epidemic in the Middle Ages in Europe, “Straits of glory” to the magnificent epic of the naval battle of Salamis, “Burning fleshes” to the emotions that overwhelm a visitor and former inmate of Dachau, “Deceptor” about the reaction to the obligatory respect for the holy and sacred and the hypocrisy that hides it and finally, “Ride the thunder” about the power of will, self-awareness and moderation, but also the ephemerality of it all.

4) To my ears, sonically, the record “Envy” is quite balanced in terms of power and progressive elements, do you believe this? Are you happy with the result? Would you change anything?
FS: I believe that completely and I wouldn’t change a single note.

5) In the process of creating a song, do you first compose and then write the lyrics, the other way around? To say that I “hear” the music, in the lyrics, is magnificent.
FS: You mention it very correctly, the music is always the dominant one, the lyrics, although important, always follow the music, how could it be the other way around? I am especially glad that you noticed and mentioned it, we are very meticulous in choosing the theme that will “cover” the music of each song, nothing happens by chance.

6) If I’m not mistaken, Lazaris, Rousakis, Georgiou and Gianakopoulos also take part in the compositions? Is there a formula for this between you? does everyone write their own piece and if you like it is it posted? How does this all work?
FS: The music and lyrics of FUS have always been my creation, with some participation in some songs by friends or collaborators, such as Vassilakis, Smeros, Balakakis, Roussakis, Georgiou, Lazaris and Bernardo. The only one who wrote complete songs of his own with my participation in them was Balakakis, four in “Phoenix rising” and one in “Atlantis”. That’s it so far. We will see in the future, although for now I don’t see anything essential changing.

7) During the process of a song do you all record together or each one separately?
FS: Of course, each one individually.

8) You had three completed Albums by 2020. “The Mortal Flesh of Love” (2011), “PhoenixRising” (2014), “Atlantis” (2020). From 2014 to 2020, what happened? Why didn’t you release an Album in 2017?
FS: Because we had problems with the composition of the band. Now these problems seem to have been solved, we are back to normal.

9) In 2019, the talented Themis Gourlis also joined the LineUp and we are happy about that. Why did you think an extra guitar was needed in the lineup? Is it maybe something you saw from your previous record that you wanted to fix? Did you want and want to give “volume” sonically to this record and to the next ones with the good things to come?
FS: The only reason I decided to add a rhythm guitarist to our lineup was for the live performances, since on the records all the guitar parts are played by me. At concerts, however, things are different. The two guitars add twice the volume to the sound and thus another energy. So we also have the possibility to play all the demanding guitar tracks that I record in the studio, which with a single guitar, honestly, wouldn’t be the same.

10) When did you start your music career? What are you listening to? What pushed you to become a musician? Name 3 of your favorite Albums from any genre.
FS: I started playing classical guitar around eleven and after playing for four years and already having a metal ear, I inevitably moved on to electric, although in my first regular band, the GLADIATORS, I had to start out as a bassist, before taking over as a guitarist. for me it was all the classic metal music of my time, i.e. the golden decades of the 80s and 90s. I cannot mention only three, but I will mention five and these will be with a heavy heart, because of the rest left out, the “Conspiracy – KING DIAMOND,   “Rage for order¨” – QUEENSRYCHE,
“Transcendence” – CRIMSON GLORY, “Defenders of the faith” – JUDAS PRIEST and “Awake” – DREAM THEATER, without value order.

11)What do we have after the launch the Albm?Αccording to information i red,  is there any tour in the near future? Are you preparing intensivelywith rehearsals? Is there any free time?
FS: We have three performances in Sofia, Thessaloniki and Athens, November 23, 24 and 25 respectively, while others will follow. We’ve been rehearsing once a week, for a long time, so we’re ready. If you want to find free time, you will find it.

12) We thank you for the honor you did us and devoting a part of your time to answer us. Would you like to give a message to the readers of before we close?
FS: thank you for the interview, I hope our music travels far, you are all well.

Credits: George Pappas