You are currently viewing French progressive metallers SYMAKYA released the new lyric video “Eleven” !

French progressive metallers SYMAKYA released the new lyric video “Eleven” !

French Progressive metal SYMAKYA unveiled the fresh and amazing Lyric video “Eleven” track from the new released (released 05 April 2024) album “Project 11: The Landing” via Wormholedeath !

“Eleven” transcends traditional boundaries, inviting listeners on a profound journey through the cosmos and the depths of human consciousness. With a fusion of progressive metal and cosmic themes, the track delves into existentialism, societal constructs, and the eternal quest for meaning and immortality. Through richly evocative imagery and introspective lyricism, “Eleven” challenges listeners to ponder the mysteries of existence and humanity’s place in the universe.

Influenced by ancient astronaut theory and timeless literary classics such as the Bible, Greek, and Roman works, Symakya creates a captivating universe steeped in conquest, belief, and mythology. Drawing from metaphysical and ufological themes across human history, “Project Eleven” embarks on an inner odyssey, seeking answers to the enigmas of human evolution and complexity.

Fusing elements of NWOBHM and ’90s power metal with orchestral and progressive flourishes, Symakya’s sound is an homage to legends like Iron Maiden, Tool, and Symphony X. The band’s lineup features the dynamic talents of Kevin Alexandre Stanislas Kazek on vocals, Matthieu Morand on guitars, keys, and orchestrations, Thomas Das Neves on drums, and Julien Kuhn on bass and fretless bass.

Project 11: The Landing tracklist:

1.The Observer01:31  instrumental
2.The Height of Endymion07:28 
4.Lunar Obsession05:24  
6.Horses of Apollo08:59  
7.The Oath07:17 
9.Full Moon08:17 
10.Sea of Silence03:37  instrumental

Symakya Lineup:
Kevin Alexandre Stanislas Kazek: Vocals
Matthieu Morand: Guitars, Keys & Orchestrations
Thomas Das Neves: Drums
Julien Kuhn: Bass & Fretless Bass

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Symakya - Eleven (Lyric Video)