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1)Hi !! Thank you very much for your time and we are honored to have you here at Let’s get started.. What was your vision for the creation of HellPass?

-Hello! My name is Angelos Mouratidis and I am the guitarist and composer of HellPass. First of all, we would like to thank you for this interview and for giving us the opportunity to get to know us better. In mid-June 2022 having met Alexandros (Koliousios, drums) we made the decision to form HellPass because Alexandros and I share the same love for extreme sound and the desire to dedicate our lives to it. This is how HellPass came about and shortly after their founding, Vasilis (Yakinthos) joined the band. We started as a three-piece band and within a few months we had composed our first album entitled “Gates of War”. In the meantime, we were looking for a bass player so that Vasilis could focus more on the vocals so in early autumn 2022 Nikos (Paraskevopoulos) joined the band and started learning our songs and coming to rehearsals.

2)How did you come up with this name? Have you given any meaning behind it?

– We are a heavy metal band! We wanted a heavy metal name. From the beginning, heavy music has been associated with Satan and all that this entity involves. So we wanted a name representative of this element. What can be more metal than Hell? Well, a ticket to hell! This is our music! Hellpass is fucking metal!

3) Are you loyal fans of Heavy Metal? Which bands helped create your sound?

– We are fans of the whole sound spectrum of metal music. Because our list of influencers is very long, I will only give you three names: Candlemass, Megadeth and Motley Crue. They certainly affect us a lot because they creep into our music, almost, subconsciously.

4) Your debut album took shape with the album “Gates Of War”. Excellent work with several positive points. What would you say are the positive points of the album?

– Anyone who listens to the album will find Heavy Metal music that we wrote with a lot of porosity and dedication. The dedication we gave to this record is great. Besides, the listener can understand this, which is what we intended to achieve and I believe we have achieved. We wanted to write an album that could touch the listener even on a personal level.

5) How do you see the progress of the album so far? Is it going as you would like?

– The response of the people is very positive. Personally, I always meet people who tell me how much they enjoy this record. We thank all the people with whom we share our music and for us it is the ultimate payment to know that some enjoy our songs.

6) Favorite track from the album?

Very difficult choice but if I had to choose one from the whole album it would definitely be “Burning Flags”.

7) We saw that for the promotion of the album you have started dynamically the concert dance. What can we expect from you next in terms of live performance?

– We have already completed a mini tour in the major urban centers of Greece (Thessaloniki, Athens, Volos, Larissa, Crete) and we are very pleased.Then, for the end of the year we have scheduled a last concert on December 10th at our favorite EightBall Club in Thessaloniki, along with Skarlet, Misanthropic Extremity and our very good friends from Athens Sacrificial Death!.

8) New video for the track Fallen Hero. How come you chose this piece? Should we expect another video in the near future?

– I have fond memories of shooting. We were the whole Hellpass team at ImageNation Studios in Thessaloniki for over 10 hours melting our bodies to shoot all the material. Unforgettable moments! Of course expect more in the future. If you take a look at our YouTube channel you will see that very often we release video clips from tracks from our album. To date we have released “Oath to the Metal Gods”, “Futura”, “Burning Flags”, “Gates of War” and “Fallen Hero”. More to come.

9) With the new year coming, how would you like to see HellPass?

– We are preparing a lot of things for the coming year and we look forward to showing you all something that we have been preparing for some time.

10)Thank you HellPass! Where can we achieve you and your new cd?

– For those interested in following Hellpass on social media, as well as listening to our music or buying something from our merch, here are all the relevant links:

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