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With more than thirty years with of full discography, with a full concert career, the “In Flames”, despite the fact that they were judged negatively for many of their choices, fairly most of the time, never lost what they rightfully acquired over time, their presence among top heavy metal bands.

This fact in itself means that we are “obliged” to give them more opportunities. Opportunities not to criticize or react to what we hear, but what to expect from the band in each of their releases.

Foregone justified after years, all the fans of the “In Flames”, even the most skeptical ones, for waiting for an album that honors the entire history of the band.

This justification came not only from the will of the band, which certainly never leaves anything to chance, but also from the general very creative climate that has prevailed in recent years.

The melodic death metal and characteristic sound of “In Flames” that can be heard on Foregone is at its best. Powerful and perfectly structured compositions, with the help of well-polished production and the band’s passion, which is obvious, offer us an unquestionable result.

All the compositions are ready to fill our speakers, but also the speakers in the concert halls, where I’m sure they will stand among the best of the band.

tThe “In Flames” present us with Foregone which honors themselves, honors the fans, but also honors all the years of their presence in the metal scene. The reboot is done and we are happy about it.



1.The Beginning of All Things That Will End
2.State of Slow Decay
3.Meet Your Maker
4.Bleeding Out
5.Foregone, Pt. 1
6.Foregone, Pt. 2
7.Pure Light of Mind
8.The Great Deceiver
9.In the Dark
10.A Dialogue in B Flat Minor
12.End the Transmission

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