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IRON MAIDEN – 40 Years “Piece of Mind”

May 16th of 1983, a year since the unsurpassed “The Number of the Beast” and yet two important elements come to once again, give the title of unsurpassed to Iron Maiden’s fourth album “Piece of Mind”.
The first element is the change of drummer, Nicko McBrain instead of Clive Burr and the second Bruce Dickinson the composer. Either by himself or with Steve Harris and Adrian Smith.
Their aura is felt from the first listen of the album, until the end.
Certainly Martin Birch has managed to integrate the new data, in the sound and without losing anything from the past, it highlights how Iron Maiden should be from now on.
Eddie is chained and the rest of the photos for the album are also interesting.
The first title of the album was “Food for Thought”, but it was changed when they found the title “Piece of Mind” in a pub.
There is no Iron Maiden concert without “The Trooper” and closely followed by “Revelations” and “Flight of Icarus”.
“Piece of Mind” is in the five best albums of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris of course has stated that it is the best he has ever written, and in any position we put it, even in the first, it is correct.

Piece of Mind tracklist:

1. Where Eagles Dare 06:13
2. Revelations 06:48
3. Flight of Icarus 03:51
4. Die with Your Boots On 05:26
5. The Trooper 04:12
6. Still Life 04:57
7. Quest for Fire 03:42
8. Sun and Steel 03:27
9. To Tame a Land 07:25
total 46:01


Bruce Dickinson Vocals
Nicko McBrain Drums
Adrian Smith Guitars
Steve Harris Bass
Dave Murray Guitars