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IRON MAIDEN – “BRAVE NEW WORLD” 23 years since the release of the “comeback” album

We are on the threshold of the year 2000 and the apocalypse is imminent, the destruction of the world according to the prophecies.
However, Iron Maiden see 2000 differently, as an opportunity to rebuild, as an opportunity to make a new start in the new millennium.
So a year before 1999, the biggest reunion takes place. Bruce Dickinson package with Adrian Smith return and the joy of friends everywhere, and not only, the band is something that becomes an impetus to reach 2000 and the release of “Brave New World”.
I don’t know how this album could not be good. They were decades in debt, it was the expectation of the world, it was the impetus of the two old ones, all together perhaps.
So May 29, 2000 “Brave New World” is released.
From the first note of the guitar, from the first riff and from the first word that comes out of Bruce Dickinson’s mouth, they are filled with emotions that have been patient for at least seven years.
The album as a value is at least the best they have released since 1988 with the release of “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son”. We will not go into the list and ranking process at this time, but in all cases they are high.
An excellent introductory track, “The Wicker Man”, with its three composers, Adrian Smith, Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson, setting us in the mood for what is to come.
The continuation of the remaining hour or so unfolds everyone’s talent on all levels with compositions that will become classics. “Ghost of the Navigator”, “Brave New World”, “Blood Brothers”, “Dream of Mirrors” are the best of the album without the rest lagging behind.
“Brave New World” was bound to succeed and it did, with all of the remaining 23 years to date owing some percentage to it.

“Brave New World” tracklist:
1. The Wicker Man 04:35
2. Ghost of the Navigator 06:50
3. Brave New World 06:19
4. Blood Brothers 07:14
5. The Mercenary 04:43
6. Dream of Mirrors 09:21
7. The Fallen Angel 04:01
8. The Nomad 09:06
9. Out of the Silent Planet 06:25
10. The Thin Line Between Love & Hate 08:27
total 01:07:01

Artwork: Derek Riggs

“Brave New World” lineup:
Janick Gers Guitars
Steve Harris Bass, Keyboards
Nicko McBrain Drums
Bruce Dickinson Vocals
Dave Murray Guitars
Adrian Smith Guitars