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Kataklysm – “Goliath” album review

The Canadians, with 30 years of presence of discography, now they have their 15th album to be proud of. First, because for so many years they have been consistent, discographically and compositionally, and secondly, in the years 2023, they have built the confidence, so that they have the possibility to express themselves as they do. they believe without questioning. 

The talent of Kataklysm, either when they offered us pure death metal in the first years of their career, or later with the very well executed melodic death metal, is undeniable. This year’s “Goliath” comes not to stir the waters, but to continue with in a grand way, as its name also indicates, the band’s compositional need. The album is the epitome of death metal. Heavy, rough, solid and melodic as far as the history of the band allows. 

James Payne, drummer of Kataklysm since 2020, for whom this is his first album with the band, has given his own character to the drums. Absolute, he understands the compositions and the depth he gives is important for the final result. 

An amazing result also from Stéphane Barbe on bass, who with his technique can place his strong bass lines in the foreground and we like it. The riffs produced by the guitars, the element that has characterized Kataklysm for so many years, is yet another once inspired. 

Maurizio Iacono’s ageless pompous voice is at its best, performing lyrics about the current social situation combined with epic themes. The production, edited by Jean-François Dagenais, is nothing short of strong and highlights Kataklysm’s compositions to an absolute degree. 

“Goliath” is in general a very good album, which will please the band’s friends and not only. The only thing I would say as a negative would be that, out of the ten tracks on the album, there isn’t one or those tracks that will take “Goliath” off the ground and really make it huge.

Spyros Tribos

“Goliath” tracklist:

1. Dark Wings of Deception 04:53
2. Goliath 02:54
3. Die as a King 03:37
4. Bringer of Vengeance 03:53
5. Combustion 03:57
6. From the Land of the Living to the Land of the Dead 03:42
7. The Redeemer 03:59
8. Heroes to Villains 03:56
9. Gravestones and Coffins 04:16
10. The Sacrifice for Truth 05:44
total 40:51

“Goliath” lineup:

Maurizio Iacono Vocals
Jean-François Dagenais Guitars
Stéphane Barbe Bass
James Payne Drums

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