You are currently viewing KERRY KING hasn’t spoken to Tom Araya since 2019, and says DAVE LOMBARDO is dead to him!!

KERRY KING hasn’t spoken to Tom Araya since 2019, and says DAVE LOMBARDO is dead to him!!

It’s a big day in the world of Kerry King as his new solo work is finally revealed.
Although during his interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine about his work, King referred to Slayer’s last concerts in 2019 and his relationship with frontman Tom Araya.

When asked if he has spoken to Araya at all since the last show, King said: “Not even a message. Not even an email. I’ve spoken to everyone else from the band on the phone, by text or email. If Tom called me, I would probably answer.”

King then addressed the pro-Trump content post on Slayer’s Instagram, saying that “he and the rest of the band were “very about it.”

He later notes that he and Araya are just very different people, adding, “Am I going to hang out with Tom? He likes tequila a little bit and I’m a big fan of tequila, so we’re not going to hang out or anything else because we’re very different people. And of course together, we created great music and great live shows.”

King said he didn’t expect Araya to say he was done with the band either, but notes that he wasn’t going to try to convince Araya to change his mind. “We were on tour and somebody was interviewing him and he said something about: ‘I need to meet up with Kerry and talk before we talk about the next record.’ He should have just said, “I’m probably not going to make another record,” or had this conversation with me before he mentioned that.

“I was just assume, ‘Oh, damn, what’s going to be?’ And it was, “I’m done.” Not what I expected. But if he made that decision, I’m not going to try to stop him because his heart isn’t going to be here anyway.”

King also spoke a bit about Slayer’s founding drummer, Dave Lombardo, who played with the band between 1981 and 2013. King made his feelings about Lombardo extremely clear, saying “Lombardo is dead to me” before adding. “He continued this social media attack about the Slayer operation when we were on a flight to Australia and he knew we couldn’t respond for 14 hours and threw me under the bus.
I was the only one holding him in the band. Tom wanted him out before that, and Jeff had just gotten into trouble from a spider bite causing an infection by a carnivorous bacterium, forcing him to leave the tour, so he didn’t play much with us. And then I said, ‘We need Dave. The fans won’t understand it if we replace him now.”
“And then the issue of Australia came up. He threw me under the bus and I’m like, ‘I’m the guy who kept you here.’ And so I thought, ‘Fuck this guy.”

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