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1. What’s currently happening in the band?
-Lord Ahriman: We just came back home from a short tour in Latin America. And are now getting ready to start our summer festival season next weekend. So lot’s of work….

2. Are you working on any new material, and are there plans for a new release?
-Lord Ahriman: It’s been a couple of month since I had time to sit down and actually work on new music, but I have started and got some pretty wicked material in the process. Other then that, there’s some special releases in the pipeline from us. Stay tuned….

3. What can Dark Funeral’s Greek fans expect live on September 22nd, 2024?
-Lord Ahriman: We have stepped up on all levels so prepare for the most epic and powerful show from us ever in Athens. You dont wanna miss this!

4. Given Dark Funeral’s known relationship with the Greek audience, how do you feel about playing in front of them again?
-Lord Ahriman: It’s gonna be killer. I still remember the very first show we did in Athens back in 1998 together with Cannibal Corpse & Infernal Majesty, playing 2 nights in a row at the same venue. And every since we have had such an amazing fan-base over there! And I’m sure it’ll grow even bigger after this next show!

5. How does the Greek audience compare to others in Europe, considering it’s one of the warmest?
-Lord Ahriman: Hard to say. The last European tour we did with Cannibal Corpse was epic in all proportions. It realy took me by surprise. Now I leave it to the Greek fans to show they can top that!

6. Is a closed venue with a dedicated audience ideal, or do you prefer big festivals in open spaces?
-Lord Ahriman: On smaller venues you can exchange energies with the crowd in a whole different way then on big open air stages. But I do like playing both, to get different experiances, perspectives and feelings.

7. Where does Dark Funeral feel most at home—in the studio or on stage?
-Lord Ahriman:  In a way I consider myself a songwriter rather then a guitarist, or live musician, but on the other hand Dark Funeral is and have always been a live band. It’s live where I/we can bring the whole visual experience that I have in my mind when I compose the songs. Sadly we cant bring that whole image I have in my mind onstage due to budget limitations, but we’re pushing as far as we can. And we’ll keep pushing and improve that part too as far as we financially can . As far as I see it, there’s no limitation on ideas, only budget.

8. How does the band feel after 30 years in the Black Metal scene?
-Lord Ahriman: I think that’s something the fans and people outside the band think more about then us, or at leaset me. I just keep going and trying to keep inspired and productive creating my/our own dark empire!

9. Is Black Metal still an extreme genre, or has reality surpassed its taboos?
-Lord Ahriman: It’s still an extreme form of music, but just like everything else. When something get more available for the common man, it looses some of its shock values for example.

10. Why have musicians and listeners turned to more extreme music genres?
-Lord Ahriman: That’s quite an individual aspect I think. Some just following a trend, some identify themself with this lifestyle completely, some feel the strong passion & energy this type of music evoke in people soul and so forth.

11. Nordic countries and Greece initiated the Black Metal movement. How satisfied are the musicians who started it, considering the mixes and alterations?
-Lord Ahriman: Just like with every other music style & generation. They bring n their own influences and trying to develope the original from based on their current status in like and so on. I wont be one of those elder guys who critisize that. I will however continue doing my thing, based on what I and my generation had in mind when originally started creating Black Metal!

12. Dark Funeral has connections with Greek bands. Who are you most in touch with, and what common memories do you share from the early ’90s?
-Lord Ahriman: Well, I dont have too much contact with Greece bands these days, or atlease not like I had in the early mid 90s. With that said, I meet and chat with Rotting Christ and Deviser sometimes. Heljarmadr is the one with more close contact with Greek bands then I these days.

13. If given the chance, would you change anything over the years?
-Lord Ahriman: I see no reason to regret or look to the past. Whats done is done. Now I can only improve what I think didnt work out in the past and keep pusing into the future!

14. What are the three best and the three worst things about Black Metal?
-Lord Ahriman: Worst. A made-up set of “laws” that limit your inner animal instinct rather then giving you a total artistic freedom, based on your own dark visions & rules. Best: It doesn’t effect me at all. I have always created my own rules, which have kept me free , inspired and active as a songwriter now for over 30 years!

15. Which record or musician has influenced Dark Funeral the most, and is the band influenced by the new, modern wave of extreme sound?
-Lord Ahriman: Considering there were no other bands that sounded like Dark Funeral when we started, I have always followed my own inner demons, trying to create my/our own soundscape rather then following what others do. I still do…

16. How do you envision life without music, and what other occupations might you pursue?
-Lord Ahriman: Music have always been a big part of my life. And with Black Metal I have been able to develop all my interests into one, combining music, put life to many of my inner images and working with different type of designs. So I feel pretty lucky who have been able to built up my own dark empire, but it’s a hard work and it takes that you’re not afraid to try, fail and restart. I take nothing for granted but I work hard to maintain my own freedom in every possible way!

17. Is Black Metal a way of life?
-Lord Ahriman: For me yes!

18. Thank you for your time and this interview. Please close as you wish.
-Lord Ahriman: Thanks! See you on Sep 22. Make sure to grab your ticket NOW!

Credits: Spyros Tribos