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Maurizio Dottores (Black Reuss) The interview

  1. Welcome, Maurizio! What is your opinion about modern doom gothic metal?

Thanks and welcome…

Like most things, there are things I like and things I like less. Basically, I like the direction, so… everything is fine…

  1. Do you think progressiveness destroys the hooks of a rock/metal song?

Not at all. If something is authentic and has feeling and a message behind it, it doesn’t matter if it’s progressive or not. If it’s just about playing as many notes as possible in as little time as possible, then from my point of view it’s just fast played music, without any point of contact. It just doesn’t get through to me most of the time.

  1. What’s the best live show you have ever been to?

I have seen many good live shows. The one that impressed me the most so far was Radiohead at Montreux Jazz Festival 2003.

  1. What inspired your debut cd Metamorphosis?

My life. When I was working on the concept for Black Reuss. At some point the idea arose to write about my life flow. This resulted in 4 chapters. Each one an album. Metamorphosis is the first chapter of four and it symbolizes the transformation. From the moment you decide to change your life, until the moment when you know where you want to go.

  1. How does Journey continue the story?

Only when you know where you want to go can you set out on the journey. This journey is an up and down one. There are always setbacks and many hurdles to overcome. But because you see the big picture, you always move forward. A setback is just as important to get to the destination. That’s why the negative takes on a different meaning while being on the journey. You learn how to deal with them and that they are part of the whole. You face every challenge because you learn on the journey that everything has a reason.

  1. When is the 3rd part of the concept, Arrival, out? Where do you arrive?

Arrival will be released towards the end of this year. Arrival is not about everything being fine and everything being wonderful. That will never be the case from my point of view. It’s about internalizing that everything is part of it and that you know exactly how to deal with the negative. It even goes so far, exaggeratedly said, that you learn to enjoy something like grief or that you lose the fear of death. Because that is all part of life, and it makes life worth living.

  1. What is inspiring for you?

There is a lot that inspires me. It can be music, a picture, a book or even a movie. Also, certain people are very inspiring for me. Especially people who make the world better through their activities.

  1. How do trying moments in your personal life affect Black Reuss?

Since I am telling from my life and the present concept is about the flow of life. In any case, you have an influence on Black Reuss. I have learned to overreact much less or to act in affect. I reflect more on what is happening in my life. I am basically an optimist and can find something good in any situation. I look forward and live in the moment and not in the past. That makes no sense. You can’t change what happened, but you can learn and grow from it. Making mistakes is a blessing. It is important to establish a culture of mistakes in life. Otherwise, you only live in fear that something will happen and then nothing will happen.

  1. What do you want to express with Black Reuss videos?

I try to transport the message of the song with the pictures. This can be a certain situation that stands sympathetically for the song or a story.

  1. Do people actually listen to music today or just skip through songs while scrolling?

I think there are both. But I believe that a real music fan listens to a song in its entirety.

  1. What is the quality difference of Black Reuss? Thank you for the interview and best of luck with Black Reuss.

I don’t know exactly what you are comparing Black Reuss to. I just try to get the best out of my situation. Comparisons are difficult. They are made far too fast. When a band has a big budget, the starting point is a bit different than when you do everything yourself and have practically no budget. Time is also an issue. I mean, I work full time and have a family and I do both with the same passion as music. I can’t live off the music. So, a comparison with big bands is not really fair. What is comparable is the quality of the songs and the message you convey and the authenticity it has. And I think that Black Reuss doesn’t have to hide in this respect.

 I have to thank you, for the interest in Black Reuss. Wish you and your readers the best and…. Live your dreams and be persistent.

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