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Metallica is the biggest, commercially, heavy metal band, without any doubt. After all, this follows from the sales figures.
That doesn’t mean she’s the greatest musically either. Musically, as we always say, there are many factors that shape who is on top.
This results from what the fans of heavy metal believe, from the record label’s consistency, from the influence on music in general, from the concert performance and also from the quality of its releases.
In all the above categories, Metallica gets almost perfect, except maybe for the consistency and maybe the quality of some releases, especially the last ones.
The discussion about Metallica started, as it happens with many bands of similar scope, from the very first album, with the discussions then whether they are the best metal band and whether they will stand the test of time.
Everything was evident early on, and how could it not be, with records like their first five.
Their story doesn’t need much analysis since everyone, even outside of heavy metal, knows what Metallica means.
But let’s go to today, with a new album which in itself, starts 42 years of discussions, starts worship events, but also starts a new wave of questioning.
The days of youth are gone forever and it would be utopian to discuss what we would like Metallica to sound like. Maybe we wanted a new Ride the Lightning or a new Master of Puppets.
But do we want riffs? Do we want groovy beats? Do we want catchy compositions? Do we want Hetfield all along? We will find them in “72 seasons”.
The band seems to be having a lot of fun recording, and seems to be bonding, especially with the support of the others on James Hetfield’s new adventure with his addiction, 8 months ago.
After 2016 and Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, which was important for Metallica as they reached the point of touching their good standards, here comes 72 Seasons to certify that they can tease us.
The eponymous track that opens the album, puts us straight into what we will hear. With the groovy rhythm and the heavy sound on the guitars, with Hetfield sounding fresher than even the most optimistic would expect.
72 Seasons has 12 equal tracks.
Even ‘Lux Aeterna’, which when we heard it as the first single, it divided us, but listening to it in the album sounds very nice.
The whole album is dominated by strong mid-tempo rhythms with matching passages. We really like Kirk Hammett’s guitar solos, and the sound in general is an answer to our doubts.
“Shadows Follow”, the second track of the record, with a nice riff and a nice passage with a nice strong beat.
“Screaming Suicide” which continues in the same tempo.
“Sleepwalk My Life Away” if there is any track a little behind the others it is this and maybe it doesn’t justify its seven and a half minutes.
“You Must Burn!” Heavy, heavy tempo, slow with a very nice passage.
“Crown of Barbed Wire” nice with a riff from the old days, maybe a little longer than it should be.
“Chasing Light” we raise the tempo and power a bit with a nice refrain.
“If Darkness Had A Son” nice, groovy with weight on the rhythm.
“Too Far Gone” fast and short compared to the rest of the track catchy riff and refrain.
“Room of Mirrors” very pleasant and part of the band. Quick with shifts.
“Inamorata” is probably the best track on the album. It has everything and maybe brings back memories. The eleven minutes are pleasant and justified.
All in all an album that is very Metallica.

72 Seasons tracklist:

1.72 Seasons07:39
2.Shadows Follow06:12
3.Screaming Suicide05:30
4.Sleepwalk My Life Away06:56
5.You Must Burn!07:03
6.Lux Æterna03:25
7.Crown of Barbed Wire05:49
8.Chasing Light06:45
9.If Darkness Had a Son06:36
10.Too Far Gone?04:34
11.Room of Mirrors05:34

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