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NOCTURNAL BREED – “Carry the Beast” album review

Many listeners will be surprised by the sound of the album, especially those who have not been in contact with Nocturnal Breed before.
Norwegian thrash/black metallers’ on this album “Carry the Beast” sounds nostalgically “sick” and “dirty”, so much so that it’s entertaining, like little I’ve heard lately.
It doesn’t have a polished production, it doesn’t have the super complicated, with various hidden messages cover.
The vocals may not only be disliked by many, but even hated. I really like them. They are infernal with black connotations.
The compositions are based on thrash with the black atmosphere of Nocturnal Breed.
Guitar ensembles with straight, repetitive bass lines. Drums straight from hell.
In the fast tracks, the rhythms along with the guitars and vocals create an evil atmosphere.
The best track of the album, the third in a row “Knights of Denim” with a riff that sticks in the mind.
The title track, the album’s first track, is essentially an introduction.
Second track is “Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror)”. Quite strongly predisposes us to what we will hear in “Carry the Beast”.
Fourth track “Salt the Wounds”. (From track titles, if anything, there is originality). Medium track speed and intensity.
“Atomic Cruiser” a bridge track for the passage to the second part of the album.
“Raise the Flag.. and the Hordes Will Follow” strong and the blackest track of the album.
Next is “Nosferata”, basically it is an introduction for the eighth track, the…
“Lady Vampire”, mid-tempo with a repeating pattern.
Last track is “I Ain’t Marching Anymore”. A piece that is very Motorhead.
In general, “Carry the Beast” is an entertaining album whose purpose is to highlight the dark, the evil with an air of another era.

Spyros Tribos

“Carry the Beast” trcklist:
1. Carry the Beast 05:10
2. Thrash Metal Hate Saw (The Last Act of Terror) 05:09
3. Knights of Denim 08:37
4. Salt the Wounds 07:35
5. Atomic Cruiser 05:32
6. Raise the Flag.. and the Hordes Will Follow 05:46
7. Nosferata 01:12
8. Lady Vampire 05:04
9. I Ain’t Marching Anymore 06:00
10. I Felt Nothing(bonus track) 05:16
11. Trench Fever(bonus track) 07:48
12. Blitzhammer(bonus track) 07:52
total 01:11:01

“Carry the Beast” lineup:
S. A. Destroyer Bass, Vocals
Axeman I. Maztor Guitars
Tex Terror Drums, Vocals

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