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PROJECT RENEGADE – album “Ultra Terra” – (July 14, 2023, Pavement Entertainment)

The second album of the Athenian Project Renegade, entitled “Ultra Terra”, was recently released. From their sophomore effort, the band showcases continued growth and evolution of their sound, creating a multi-layered musical journey that will instantly win you over.
With a duration of 57 minutes, “Ultra Terra” is a synthesis of many different influences and elements, which harmoniously tie into the body of the record. Project Renegade skillfully mix and match elements from heavy metal, modern metal, melodic metalcore, groove and nu-metal, creating a multi-dimensional sound that impresses.
Marianna, with her excellent voice, emerges as one of the main assets of the album. The compositions revolve around her vocal lines and her explosive performance gives each track a unique character. From the strikingly clear vocals to the harshest and most explosive moments, her performance remains compelling and full of tension and emotion.
Likewise, each track on the album is a multifaceted musical journey. The songs develop across various musical axes and often combine many different influences. An illustrative example is “Bloodwitch”, where they successfully integrate the hip-hop sound with the alternative/metalcore base of the track, creating one of the most dynamic tracks on the record.
The song “Civil Unrest” is also of great interest, with Project Renegade presenting a RATM (Rage Against The Machine) inspired profile, in a heavier version, incorporating the characteristic elements of the band in the sound. Also, “Millennial March” perfectly expresses the band’s ability to write songs that are both catchy, yet full of tension and dynamism, perfect for the band’s live performances.
In addition to the dynamic influences, “Ultra Terra” also shows variety in the way the tracks are structured. From the attention-grabbing catchy choruses to the elaborate transitions and electronic music elements that add depth to the atmosphere, the album never ceases to amaze.
“Ultra Terra” is a meticulous production that showcases the energy and passion of Project Renegade. Overall, the album is a remarkable and very strong effort that proves the band has found their way in a creative direction and is definitely worthy of our attention and support.

Project Renegade Line up:

Marianna (Vocals)

Phillipp (Lead Guitar)

Jay (Bass)

Ody  (Drums)

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