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1) “Welcome Project Renegade to Metalwar! You are a band with a lot of musical experiences in the Greek and foreign scene. What is it that sticks with you in your musical journey until today?

Good evening, and that’s a great question! There are many things, the people we’ve met, the challenges, overcoming obstacles, the friendship within the group, the music… All these variables make up our musical journey, and without any of them, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.”

2) Has the vision of Project Renegade remained the same since you first formed the band? What is that vision?

We are here to pour our souls into art form about all the issues that concern us as humans. We want to do our bit to make the world a better place and help ourselves and anyone else who happens to be helped by our music to find their way in the ever increasing madness and fast paced society. This doesn’t change, but for each record the vision will always be a little different because the theme differs from record to record!

3)Your recording comeback is a fact! The Ultra Terra album is out there this summer via Pavement Entertainment! Congratulations! How does it feel to be back with another masterpiece record?

Wow! Thank you so much for the nice words. Ultra Terra is a record that needed a lot of work and patience to be born in the right way. The result exceeded all our expectations and since everyone who listens to it, seems to like it, what can we say other than that we feel very happy and rejuvenated!

4) Do you think your new record is a step up from the last one? What can we find in him that we didn’t find in your previous record?

Definitely more madness! Haha! We set ourselves free on this record, we took off the leash and I think we became the medium rather than the driver… The music showed us the way and we went. This freedom is the beginning of many new directions so if anyone wants to know where the anarchy and curiosity we are brewing now started…they can find that answer in Ultra Terra!

5) Lyrics, music or atmosphere? What do you think is what prevails in the Ultra Terra album?

Music and specifically vocals for me. Of course, if you ask someone else from us, you will get a different answer! But for me the work done on the vocals was some of the best work we’ve done as a band.

6) What is your favorite track from this album?

I can’t pick one but I have a weakness between Token and No Country For White Flags.

7) What is people’s favorite track from this album?

No Country For White Flags

8) Apart from the record’s sector, we see you at various festivals both in Greece and abroad. Release Athens, Depravation Festival and Riverside are some that caught our attention! Which of you had the best time?

We are having a good time everywhere, audience give us, nothing else in the world hahahaha! Every festival is different, at Release we opened for one of the bands that has marked us, Slipknot and we were playing for our world, our neighbors, the people we are with in the subway, the people we cry on the street because someone burned a traffic light , we were playing for our country and our brothers… Our Athens and our Athenians! At Riverside we played to a lot of people (definitely in the top 5 biggest audiences we had the chance to play) and the organization was perfect… Every festival gives you something different and that adds to the necessary miles you need to have as a band!

9) What do you have left of these festivals?

I will say again what I said in the first question as everything goes around in circles, the faces of the people, the difficulties, the breaking down of the obstacles, the friendship between us… The music!

10) Thank you Project Renegade! What phase is the current state in the band at the moment?

Mainly we are negotiating some shows…it’s time to get back out there but I’ll lie and say that we are sitting around not writing and preparing things…Stay tuned and all will be revealed in time! Thank you!

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No Country For White Flags

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