You are currently viewing Regicide unleash UK thrash onslaught with “Resist Control” album !

Regicide unleash UK thrash onslaught with “Resist Control” album !

We’re living our lives under the gaze of the electric eye; a camera on every corner, peering from every doorway, following our every footstep.We feed the minutiae of our lives into the machine – our loves, our hates, our hopes and dreams, what we eat, when we sleep, when we wake. We are handed our opiates and pacifiers, our slow poisons and brain decay. We are divided and directed, our enemies clearly labelled. Our gaze is turned upon those we must hold responsible for our tears and hunger. Look there, not here – the art of misdirection. They are not keeping you safe, they are keeping you under control…

Rising from the vibrant Essex, UK metal scene, Regicide are not a band to submit to anyone’s attempts at enforced domination. Armed to the teeth with anger and attitude, riffs and rebellious spirit, when they open fire nothing and no-one is left standing. Debut full length album Resist Control is a call to arms, a defiant statement of intent and an absolute artillery barrage of neck-breaking thrash metal. The caustic vocals spit venom over steamroller rhythms and machine gun riffs, from the Exodus-style pit violence of ‘You Ain’t Nobody’ with its addictive chorus to the glorious high speed guitar attack of ‘Disposable Crown’ – an adrenaline shot, straight to the heart – and the massive ‘Unified Strength’ with its melodic sensibility adding depth and staying power to the steel clad fist-to-the-face attack, this is one album that hits hard and leaves a lasting impression. Since forging their bond of blood in 2020 Regicide have worked constantly, honing their skills and increasing their firepower through a series of singles, 2022s well received Burnt Eyes EP and gig after punishing gig. Now harder, heavier and more aggressive than ever before they are ready to unleash Resist Control and tear their way into the hearts and minds of thrashers everywhere.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Wayne ‘The Butcher’ Thompson (DraugrheimKaine etc), Resist Control sounds viciously sharp and possesses the weight and momentum of a tank. Complete with eye-searing artwork from tattooist Nigel White, this crushing display of fiercely focussed extreme metal, delivered with a grit and determination you can taste, will be heading your way on July 5th. Brace for impact and expect no fucking mercy!

The first single taken from the album, it’s blistering title track ‘Resist Control’, with it’s superb accompanying video created by Gallow Wood Media, is out to share via the Regicide YouTube channel NOW…click HERE to view

Regicide on tour in ’24!
05/07 Coalville Metal Invasion
14/07 The Dev, London
03/08 Colchester Arts Centre
15/08 Hotbox, Chelmsford
24/08 Hounds Gate, Nottingham
07/09 Derby Alt Fest
14/09 Prior’s Well Brewery, Mansfield
16/11 Thrashchester, Manchester
23/11 Commotion Fest, Colchester
28/12 B2 Brickmakers, Norwich

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