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Silent Winter announced their new member in the line-up!

With pleasant and very interesting news from our favorite band Silent Winter, this year began, with their announcement through social network (Facebook) for the inclusion of a new member in their Line-Up. The reason for the amazing and talented pianist (Keyboards) Maria Mosxeta who is now a new member of the band. Of course here at, wasted no time and wanting to know something more we contacted Kiriakos Balanos asking if possible for more details, of course he answered us with joy as always and we thank him for that.

Kiriakos Balanos commented: “Maria Mosxeta will normally be a member of the new album, she will participate in a few of the tracks of course because the album has been written in the largest percentage but this does not mean anything, we will be open to any correction suggestion.
First of all, let’s clarify that SW always had keyboards in their compositions, they didn’t get them now, we just couldn’t perform them live because we didn’t have a member in the band.Of course the keys will give what we lacked in the atmosphere in a Live so that the songs sound as good as possible.Maria Mosxeta is a professional, is her job so I think we found the most suitable member for this position and we are happy , that we will now she is part of Silent Winter. “

Of course, we could not expect anything less from their choices, as for Silent Winter in every album and live appearance, the result justifies them.

More information about Maria Mosxeta can be found at the link from the website at the EUROPEAN CONSERVATORY OF IOANNINA

We, for our part, wish a good start to the new member and many successes to Silent Winter.

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