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THE BLEEDING – “Monokrator” album review

Third album for the British death metallers in which the main factor is Tasos Tzimorotas. The Greek guitarist and composer of a band which, the truth is, I was not familiar with. I was curious to hear the content of “Monokrator”, the title and the cover. (Kind of weird, but wasn’t that how it used to be when we couldn’t hear everything?) The Bleeding are direct, they are “in your face”, so to speak Hellenistic. An album easy to listen to, understandable and direct, in expression and meaning. “Monokrator” moves in death metal forms with excessive thrash elements. The work on the guitars is very good, in riffs and solos, which I was most pleased with on the album. The up tempo speeds last almost the whole 30 minutes of the album with very good work also on drums and bass, which is worth paying attention to. The extreme vocals sound ideal for both the music and the subject matter where the dominant theme is death and the ways in which it can be achieved. The production is strong and full, curated by Ronnie Björnström along with Tasos Tzimorotas. The nice cover is created by Juanjo Castellano. The half-hour length of “Monokrator” will please rather than trouble the listener and works in the band’s favor. They could maybe evolve some of the compositions, but that’s an option.

Spyros Tribos

“Monokrator” tracklist:

1. Chemical Lobotomy 03:16
2. Chainsaw Deathcult 03:51
3. Mutation Chamber 04:22
4. Union of Horror 03:50
5. Screams of Torment 04:09
6. On Wings of Tribulation 03:47
7. Monokrator 03:59
8. Throes of Repulsion 03:08
total 30:22

“Monokrator” lineup:

Tasos Guitars
Jamie Stungo Vocals
James Loh Drums
Jordan Muscatello Bass

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