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THE MAGUS – Vissodomontas (Βυσσοδομώντας) album review

It’s an album that delves into the biography of Magus’ musical journey, offering unique acoustic experiences. The theatrics unfold in our ears, bringing the creator’s thoughts to life. “Βυσσοδομώντας” is not only a literal construction but also a subtle, deceitful backstage action that Magus uses to describe all the wrongdoings of this destructive species called humans. In other albums where he participated as a composer, there was always an element of search and surprise, but here, he exposes all aspects of himself and his musical concerns.

When it was announced that Magus would release an album with his personal ensemble, I was sure he would surprise us. Finishing with the serious chapter of Necromantia, he could comfortably rest on the laurels of his career. However, we’re talking about the musician responsible for half, I would say, of the black metal heritage of this country, and beyond.

One of his advantages is that, under the freedom provided by his personal ensemble, he doesn’t need to follow any mold. He can use any piece to build this masterpiece. It’s the psychedelic melodies, progressive tendencies, choral passages, blues, and, of course, the foundation, black metal. All of these elements blend together in a magical way that makes you wonder how he conceived it when you listen to it. The astonishing nine-minute “Ama Lilith,” the incomprehensible “Lux Tenebrarum: The Illuminating Darkness,” or the ten-minute epic “Give the Devil His Due: The Story” – no matter where you go within “Βυσσοδομώντας” it leaves you amazed.

As a great help and amazingly executed by Magus himself, the Maelstrom on drums and El on the guitar, along with several guests, including Hel Pyre on vocals, IDVex on vocals, Iraklis Gialatzides on keyboards, and Christos Antoniou on choir, and more. George Emmanuel has taken on the production and mixing, and Harshanand Singh has created the beautiful cover art.

“Βυσσοδομώντας” is not just an album; it’s art. It’s a remarkable masterpiece that reveals the creator’s complete freedom of expression. Without constraints, without “shoulds,” and without fear.

Spyros Tribos

“Βυσσοδομώντας” Tracklist:
1. This is My Church
2. The Fall of Man
3. Lux Tenebrarum: The Illuminating Darkness
4. Βυσσοδομώντας
5. Idolatrous Discord
6. Ama Lilith
7. Negative Renaissance
8. The Peacock King
9. Give the Devil His Due: The Story
total 55:48

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