You are currently viewing The Swiss black metallers ERNTE release the new album “Weltenzerstörer” through Vendetta Records!

The Swiss black metallers ERNTE release the new album “Weltenzerstörer” through Vendetta Records!

Swiss black metal duo ERNTE has released the band’s third full-length record, entitled “Weltenzerstörer”, which is out now on Vendetta Records

Following the band’s previous two albums (“Geist und Hexerei” / “Albsegen”), “Weltenzerstörer” represents a further development of ERNTE‘s earlier work, emphasizing its melodic and atmospheric elements while remaining true to its black metal origins.

ERNTE about their new album, its aesthetics and meaning:
The cover was created by a graphic designer we came across on social media. His image immediately appealed to us and, in our eyes, fits the album title perfectly: Next to the sea monster, the ‘world destroyer’, the few humans seem tiny and almost disappear. This world destroyer is also conjured up in a satanic ritual in the form of Leviathan in our first single/video ‘Ruler of Chaos, Bringer of Storm’, for example. 

But Weltenzerstörer (‘world destroyer’) doesn’t just mean the destruction of our earth – the plural ‘worlds’ is a deliberate choice. The world of sick thoughts. The world of false feelings. The world of consumption, or the world of manipulation. The world of religions, which we all deeply despise. 

Weltenzerstörer is not a concept album, yet it can be said in general that the lyrics on the album embody a misanthropic attitude. It is about consciously chosen loneliness and the search for a higher meaning. But it is also an invocation of ancient powers and spirits in order to create new ones with the destruction of today’s sick world(s) and to give nature more space again.

1. The Witch (Was Born in Flames)
2. Ruler of Chaos, Bringer of Storm
3. Silent and Bleak
4. Trip to a Solitary Moon
5. Vessels of Sacrifice
6. The Fire Lake: Death of Souls
7. Profound Eyes

“Weltenzerstörer” was recorded and mixed by ERNTE‘s guitar player & main songwriter Häxär at Inferno Studio, Switzerland. Master by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studio, UK

ERNTE are:
Häxär: guitars, bass, drums
Askahex: vocals, bass, violin

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