You are currently viewing Thirteen powerful metal female vocalists, from eight different countries, come together for a unique, colossal album.

Thirteen powerful metal female vocalists, from eight different countries, come together for a unique, colossal album.

The colossal album, “Shadow Empress,” brings together 13 powerhouse female Metal vocalists from across the globe to deliver an unforgettable musical experience. Spearheaded by acclaimed German guitarist and producer Nino Helfrich (INNER AXIS, Aeon Gods, ex-IRON ANGEL), this monumental project showcases a diverse array of talent, featuring renowned vocalists such as Vicky Psarakis (Sicksense, ex-The Agonist), Laura Guldemond (Burning Witches), and Britta Görtz (Hiraes), among others.

Nino Helfrich, known for his exceptional work with artists like Björn Strid (Soilwork) and Rich Gray (Annihilator), has orchestrated a masterpiece with “Shadow Empress.” Over the course of three years, Helfrich meticulously crafted 13 tracks, collaborating with female vocalists from 8 different countries across 3 continents.

“Shadow Empress” was composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Nino Helfrich
at his renowned SKULL TONE STUDIOS and mastered by Jens Bogren (Arch Enemy,
Amon Amarth, Opeth) and Nino Helfrich at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.
Additional vocal recordings were handled by producers Max Morton (Jinjer) and
Grant McFarland (August Burns Red), ensuring the album’s sonic excellence.

Accompanying the album announcement is the release of the first single, “Our
Remedy,” featuring the spectacular vocals of former The Agonist voalist Vicky
Psarakis. With its blend of melodic death metal and metalcore elements, this track
offers a glimpse into the captivating soundscapes of “Shadow Empress.”

While “Our Remedy” sets the tone with its ferocious energy, “Shadow Empress”
promises to deliver a diverse Metal journey, featuring clean singing vocalists like
Maja Shining (Forever Still, Myrkur), extreme vocalists like Britta Görtz (Hiraes), and versatile performers such as Helle Bogdanova (Ignea).

The full guest list for “Shadow Empress” includes:

  • Vicky Psarakis (Sicksense, ex-The Agonist)
  • Laura Guldemond (Burning Witches)
  • Britta Görtz (Hiraes)
  • Helle Bogdanova (Ignea)
  • Secil Sen (Morgana le Fay of Warkings)
  • Maja Shining (Forever Still, Myrkur)
  • Rachel Aspe (Cage Fight, ex-Eths)
  • Nastassja Giulia (Enemy Inside)
  • Noa Gruman (Scardust)
  • Emelle Elizabeth (Eternal Frequency)
  • Iris Goes (Three Times Royal, ex-Spoil Engine)
  • Sofia Schmidt (Ethereal Kingdoms)
  • Sanna Sola Solanterä (My Favourite Nemesis)

This union of talented female voices from around the world contributes to the creation of a unique and unforgettable metal work.

“Shadow Empress” is set to release on August 23, promising an unparalleled musical odyssey that pushes the boundaries of metal music.

About Nino Helfrich:
Nino Helfrich is a German guitarist and producer known for his innovative
contributions to the metal music scene. With a stellar track record of collaborations, numerours high caliber bands that reached millions of views and four solo releases, Helfrich continues to push the boundaries of Heavy Music.

SKULL TONE STUDIOS is Nino Helfrich’s premier recording studio, specializing in heavy music production. With state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to sonic perfection, SKULL TONE STUDIOS has become a trusted destination for Metal Bands worldwide seeking top tier production services.