You are currently viewing Thousand Year War – Immerse yourself in the underworld of Vikings with the melodic black metallers and their latest EP “Níðhöggr”.

Thousand Year War – Immerse yourself in the underworld of Vikings with the melodic black metallers and their latest EP “Níðhöggr”.

On May 7, 2023, the new album of the American Melodic Black Metal band “Thousand Year War”, called “Nidhöggr”, was released.

For Falkenbach friends, Blaze of Sorrow, Windir, Mithotyn, Vreid, Myrkgrav, Immortal, Summoning.

Thousand Year War – “Nidhöggr”
This new record is their second EP (in addition to their first EP, They also released a demo) which was released on May 7, 2023, through the band, independently.

Το artwork είναι του Γερμανού καλλιτέχνη Timon Kokott.

Biography Thousand Year War:

Submerge yourself into the Viking underworld with Thousand Year War and unleash the dragon with Thousand Year War’s latest EP, “Níðhöggr”, a plunge into the visceral abyss of melodic black metal. This self-released five-track powerhouse ascends from the United States, led by Hiram Lohr on guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals and synths, and Bryan Arant bringing life to the drums. “Níðhöggr” is an invitation to the Viking underworld and a daring affront to Christian philosophy. From the opening track of the same name to the final attack of “Hammer to the Heart of Christ,” the EP chronicles the lore of Norse mythology with raw power and intense melodies. A highlight includes a powerful cover of Bathory’s “Destroyer of Worlds.” Originating in Haines, Alaska in 2009, Thousand Year War has a history filled with blackened riffs and cult classic releases, including their infamous debut, “Tyrants and Men”, released on the now defunct label, Abyss Records. Hiram Lohr continues to lead the charge partnered with Sadist Records, now based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, while maintaining a partnership with Seiðr Jonsson of Dark Prod. Studios, Sweden, who mixed and mastered this EP. So, get ready to travel through the “Kingdom of Nastrond” and walk where “Baldur Died.” Let “Níðhöggr” guide you to an era of merciless, melodic intensity, where the fury of black metal merges with the mystique of Viking mythology.



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Thousand Year War Line Up:

Hiram Lohr: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals

Bryan Arant: drums

Artist: “Thousand Year War”
Title: Nidhöggr
Format: Digital EP-CD
Label: Independent Release

Nidhöggr Tracklist:
01. Nidhöggr
02. Kingdom of Nastrond
03. Where Baldur Died
04. Destroyer of Worlds
05. Hammer to the Heart of Christ 

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