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VALIANT SENTINEL – “Valiant Sentinel” album review

Valiant Sentinel is the one man band project, of the talented musician/composer Dimitris Skodras, which was released at the end of 2021 and has left us with the best impressions, both lyrically and compositionally. From the very first contact, with the album cover you understand that you are dealing with a content and an image that simply says it all, Epic.

In the 48 minutes that the album lasts, the epic feeling and sound dominate sometimes with a slightly heavier shade and sometimes with guitars galloping in power paths.The album has clear influences in my humble opinion from Domine and Warlord or at least of this school and the attitude of singer Rob Lundgren gives it perhaps a little more modern color, Their fans will definitely not pass it by. Wizards, knights and dragons take the lead. From the very first opening of the 1′ track where the curtain falls with a soothing, mournful purpose towards the battle, begins the track “Victorious”, which leads us to knights side by side riding towards the battle, for Victory. What to choose first ? the track “Destiny Awaits” with the heavy rhythmic intro and the impeccable solo, the “Age of Mythology” with the heavy heavy timbre of the guitar, all the tracks one and one. The amazing track “King in the North” performed by Tim “Ripper” Owens (KKs Priest), in this track the style of Ronnie James Dio is evident and the also interesting thing is that I hear sound at some points from Rock rhythm, influence of band Styx; We should also add that in the next song Forelorn which is the slow track of the album, unlikely with only one classical guitar, we can say that on vocals is the talented Fabio Lione (Angra, Spirit of Fire) who with the tone of their voice, travels us to that era.

The mixing was done by Antonis Kontozoglou at 9800 Studios and the mastering by Stelios “FX” Efentakis.

It is an album by Dimitris Skodras that wins the title Epic Dikaios.

George Pappas

Rob Lundgren          Dimitris Skodras

Valianti Sentinel TrackList:

1.Realm to Conquer00:43
3.Destiny Awaits05:24  
4.Age of Mythology05:09
5.One Must Fall03:18
6.Noble Knight04:35
7.The Legionnaire07:19
8.King in the North07:43
10.Titans Awake05:38

Age of Mythology

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