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WEEKLY WAR – new releases 16/6/23

Friday, June 16, 2023. Let’s look together at the most important releases of this week.


Saturnus – “The Storm Within” 
The amazing Danish melodic doom/death metallers, are releasing after eleven years since their last, their 5th album from Prophecy Productions.


Thy Catafalque – “Alföld”
The rather interesting Hungarian avant-garde metallers, release their 11th album from Season of Mist. Certainly the language used, Hungarian in this case, will be a little alienating but it is worth listening to a very good work.


Creeping Death – “Boundless Domain”
The American deathsters release their 2nd album with a guest appearance by George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (Cannibal Corpse), on the second track of the album.


Varmia – “Nie nas sekom”
The quite interesting Polish black/folk metallers, release their 4th album from M-Theory Audio.


Vypera – “Race of Time”
The Swedish metallers release their 2nd album on Frontiers Records.

Аркона – “Kob'”   
The Russian pagan-black/folk metallers release their 10th album on Napalm Records.


Fifth Angel – “When Angels Kill”
The American heavy/power metallers, release their 4th album from Nuclear Blast.


Rise to the Sky – “Two Years of Grief”   
The Chilean atmospheric doom/death metallers, release their 7th album from Tragedy Productions.


Helleruin – “Devils, Death and Dark Arts”   
The Dutch blacksters release their 2nd album.


Witchskull – “The Serpent Tide”
The Australian heavy/stoner metallers release their 4th album on Rise Above Records.


Methedras – “Human Deception”
The Italian thrashers release their 6th album.