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BLACKTOOTHED – Release new single video “Carried Away”

Blacktoothed the German talent group is a multi-genre rock band, which has the distinction of being able to incorporate unique elements of electronic pop and heavy metal and metalcore into their core hard rock sound. They’ve released a new single/video titled “Carried Away”, out now via Arising Empire.

In this new musical offering from alternative rock act Blacktoothed, listeners are taken on a poignant journey through the highs and lows of chasing after one’s dreams. The new single magnificently intertwines melodic grace with profound lyrics that lay bare one’s soul.

‘Carried Away’ eloquently expresses the dichotomy of time – a force that both propels dreams forward and serves as a reminder of the hurdles that yet lay ahead. Each note, each lyric, invites listeners into a world where passion meets obstacle, and dreams are both a source of inspiration and a wellspring of tumultuous emotions. In the haunting refrains of ‘Carried Away’, blacktoothed provide not just a melody, but an empathetic voice to the silent struggles that echo in the hearts of dreamers worldwide.

Guitarist Mathilde comments on the new track: “Ladies and gentlemen, whilst listening to our latest release, let yourself get carried away by the highest note ever to come out of the vocal chords of a male person at Sawdust Recordings, according to our dear producer Christoph Wieczorek. Damn, Henni was hitting that g on the last chorus note like a pro!”

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The band’s latest album JULI was created in collaboration with the producing team of Sawdust Recordings (Christoph Wieczorek & Julian Breucker) and shows that Blacktoothed have narrowed their sound and found their musical style.

In the past few years, Blacktoothed have gained a lot of live experience, having shared stages with well known bands like Acres, Annisokay, Bad Omens, Hands Like Houses, Polaris, Thundermother and many more, as well as through other live highlights, including opening up the Impericon Festival and other open air concerts.

Blacktoothed Line-Up:

Hendrik | vocals

Mathilde | guitar

David | drums

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