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ROTTING CHRIST- “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers” 27th anniversary

When we walked up the stairs to the first floor of the apartment building in the Academy, where Unisound Records was housed, to get a copy of the monument to Greek, and of course not only, black metal, “Non Serviam”, we felt so satisfied that Rotting exists Christ and we can talk about a band that had already opened the borders.
When they got signed to Century Media Records, we all said that with Rotting Christ’s talent, compositional ability and looming trajectory, this is the opportunity for something so big, that the truth is, it’s turned into much bigger than we imagined.
And so April 29, 1996 “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers” is released.
An album like it will hardly be released again.
An album that has the cult of the underground, but at the same time the glamor of a worldwide release.
An album that contains, in addition to the perfect musical material, the thirst of its members for black metal but also the prominence of the Greek scene worldwide.
Necromayhem, Necrosavron and Mutilator, our own Sakis, Themis and Dimitris have created the ultimate.
Difficulties, financial problems, uncertainty and the Greek reality do not contribute to the development of a band like Rotting Christ, but what they have achieved is another award for them.
The tracks of “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers” are one by one amazing. The disc opens with “King of a Stellar War”, one of Rotting Christ’s best tracks, leaving the unsuspecting with their jaws on the floor.
This day, April 24, 1996, marks the beginning of Rotting Christ’s wild march, taking the entire Greek scene with it.

Necromayhem Vocals, Guitars, Songwriting
Necrosavron Drums, Percussion
Mutilator Bass, Lyrics

1. King of a Stellar War 06:17
2. A Dynasty from the Ice 04:29
3. Archon 04:09
4. Snowing Still 05:44
5. Shadows Follow 04:37
6. One with the Forest 04:35
7. Diastric Alchemy 04:56
8. The Opposite Bank 05:56
9. The First Field of the Battle 05:37
total 46:20