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April 14, 1980, the first notes of the “Prowler” and yes it is a fact. The iron maiden begins the journey, which to this day, we all live together as a company.
Iron Maiden’s self-titled debut was just what it needed to start a journey that will never end no matter how many years pass.
The album contains tracks that are still heard live today as if not a day had passed.
The namesake, Phantom of the Opera, Running Free, and the other five are timeless.
Our first introduction to Eddie and how he too would grow over the years and take on all the forms Derek Riggs would have imagined.
This debut is as big as Iron Maiden’s evolution has gotten over the decades and as big as it could be for a band of their stature.
The whole album is a gem, individual tracks one by one show unsurpassed quality and inner will to create.
Steve Harris creates everything out of nothing and as much as other bands showed the way, nothing in Heavy Metal would be the same without “Iron Maiden”.